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You can ensure a better future for individuals with ASD with a tax-deductible gift.


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You can ensure a better future for individuals with ASD with a tax-deductible gift.

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"Portland was non-verbal, extremely emotional and easily angered, disconnected and disinterested in other children and/or play. Unaware of his surroundings, he lacked skills to play with simple toys, and would cause physical harm to himself and others. He didn't respond to his name or understand single word commands or verbal prompts. It is difficult to reflect back on those days except for the fact that Portland is a totally different child today, thanks to Allegro School.

Shortly after enrolling at Allegro, Portland was talking, which if all he learned to do at Allegro was speak, we would have been grateful since doctors and therapists told us that he might remain non-verbal for life. Thereafter he learned how to express feelings, encountered less anger, fewer meltdowns and less aggressiveness. He not only learned how to speak for himself, but was learning to understand those speaking to him. We saw him step out of a bubble where he was dangerously oblivious to his surroundings and watched as he became an aware individual, developing concern and empathy for those around him. We are forever grateful to Allegro for taking the time to discover our son's interests and apply them in a way that he could not just learn and get by, but thrive. It's an incredible feeling to know that so many people care so much about your child" Nick Chislett, Portland's dad

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